Residents’ Top 7 Restaurants in Park Circle

Ditch the car and walk to happy hour! We are lucky to have such a prime location for the best food spots in North Charleston all under a 10-minute walk from our apartments. Park Circle is a haven for every beer-loving or food-adventurer out there, and we’ve named a list of the Top 7 places residents love to eat! Have you tried one of these spots before?


1. Fratellos Italian Tavern (7 min walk)
2. DIG in the Park (6 min walk)
3. LoLa (6 min walk)
4. Lotus (6 min walk)
5. Sesame Burger (9 min walk)
6. Madra Rua (7 min walk)
7. Yobo (6 min walk)


Our property is close to a variety of fun places to socialize, meet new people and try some amazing food that Park Circle is famous for.

Come by our offices today and find out how you can live in the most convenient spot in North Charleston!

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