The Factory CARES

Though The Factory is a brand-new apartment community, we are already able to promise that our residents will love living here.

How are we able to do this? Well of course there’s the incredible Park Circle location (food, drinks, shopping, and more within walking distance), the luxurious apartments, and the out-of-this-world amenities from the fitness center to the pool cabanas, just to name a few. But we’ve gone a step beyond that.

In order to make our residents truly feel at home at The Factory, we have a CARES Team ready to make the transition not only smooth, but also enjoyable.

What’s a CARES Team? With the help of our leasing office and management, our CARES Team, made up of Factory residents Benjamin and Samantha, is there to welcome new residents and give them the inside scoop on not only The Factory, but also our wonderful Park Circle neighborhood as a whole.

The CARES Team hosts events throughout the year to help neighbors become friends and turn The Factory into a close-knit community. From outings in Park Circle and group nights at the festivals and concerts that come to Riverfront Park, the CARES Team will be putting on events and get-togethers that long-time Charleston residents and new-to-the-area Factory dwellers alike will love!

“Our CARES Team is amazing,” said Jenny Bradley, property manager for The Factory. “They genuinely care about residents and understand the importance of community. They are great at connecting residents and really listening to them.”

Benjamin and Samantha always there to serve as a resident sounding board and can quickly and easily take suggestions or recommendations to management.

“They are great at connecting residents and really listening to them,” said Jenny, “especially for those residents who are shy.”

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